VERWEGEN was founded by STEFFEN SCHILLER aka STEVEN DER SKORPION in late 2008 and a powerful heart1 began to beat. Before, Steven used to work as a live and studio musician for other bands. In VERWEGEN with its bold German lyrics2 he found an outlet for his enormous creativity.

Until mid-2009, the band searched for a lead singer. After trying out more than one hundred contenders, Steven decided to take on that job himself.
In late 2009, the band released their metal-driven debut album STAHLHAMMER that managed to convey the furious energy of Steven and his band.

2011 witnessed the birth of a side project and the single SUMATRA RAIN.3 With this song, the band called attention to the global destruction of tropical rainforests. The band then continued with the single HERZ AN HERZ (Heart next to Heart). On a path leading through dark woods, rain runs down the singer’s face and his heart beats loudly, for his love is dead. A heart breaks and takes revenge, says the title song.
With HERZ AN HERZ, the band exhibited a new side, sounding more melancholic than before, while still sporting fatter sounds.

In late 2011, VERWEGEN began recording their new album, 2012 – INDUSTRIAL HEAVEN. According to STEVEN, every song was to be understood as a work of art of its own. This new philosophy resonated with the fans, who celebrated the fans in a growing number of live gigs. In October 2012, VERWEGEN released 2012 – INDUSTRIAL HEAVEN. During the subsequent tour, they played in more than 30 major locations and toured all across Europe.

2013 was a year of changes. STEVEN toured with a new line-up, and in September of that year the band presented the new LP APLHA & OMEGA on stage. While the band to a break from playing live in 2014, they took time out to work on a new stage show, which they presented when they resumed touring in May, 2015. In 2016, the band temporarily broke up due to musical differences, and took a prolonged break.

After the hiatus, the band released its new album VALIUM, with Georg Lenhardt aka Mr. G. (Die Apokalyptischen Reiter)4 on drums, in January 2020. The band’s sound has evolved yet again. VALIUM is characterized by its well-balanced guitar sounds and a warm overall tone, as witnessed by the album’s signature song, the single WIR WERDEN UNSTERBLICH SEIN (We Will Be Immortal).
The new album was first released in the US, as the band is aiming to widen its fan base in North America,5 and a new tour is in the works for the end of the year.

Currently, the band is also working on its new album BERLIN, which will be presented on stage in 2021. Stay tuned!

12/10 Official Line-Up

VERWEGEN Frontman Steven Di Scorpio

Steven Di Scorpio Portrait

Steven Di Scorpio:
Vocals and Sound, Words, Guitar, Music Workaholic

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